2008 Airshow


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Warbirds Over Wanaka 2008 was the first Airshow held under the Warbirds Over Wanaka Community Trust.

Mustangs, Harvards, Klemms, the Spitfire, P40 Kittyhawks, Corsair and Catalina along with the Polikarpov, Hawker Hurricane and Lavochkin LA-9 provided a superb display of Warbirds during the day. For the first time since the end of WWII the crowd heard the sound of the Kittyhawk's six x.50 inch machine guns in action.

The programme featured stunning aerobatics from Doug Brooker in his MX2, the Harvard Formation Aerobatics, the Air Bandits, Yak 52's Soviet trainers, the Vampires and L39 Albatros.

The Airfield was under siege with fireballs lighting up the sky from a sneak attack by enemy airborne troops and light bombers. Our defending fighters scrambled to protect the airfield assisted by the local militia forces.

The Royal Australian Air Force F1-11 bomber was a real crowd pleaser with its swing wing and after burner display.

On the ground the military Warhorses, static aircraft displays and Aviation Trade Expo provided plenty of activity for those wanting a break from the activity above.

2008 Flying Programme

Friday 21st March

Warbird, civil and military aircraft conduct practice displays in preparation for the following two days events.

Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd March

Morning Programme

Two Vampires get the early risers excited with a show opening sequence.
Aerobatics from Doug Brooker in his newly acquired MX2, followed by The Thunder Mustang.
The beginning of Aerial Warfare - British, German and French Fighters of WWI.
"The Roaring Forties" - Harvard Formation Aerobatics
The "Air Bandits" - never before seen in NZ!  Aerial chaos as Jurgis Kairys (Lithuania) in his Juka, Yoshi Muroya (Japan) in a Yak 50 and Rob Fry (NZ) in a Sukhoi 29, mix it up!
Soviet Trainers - Yak 52's perform formation and aerobatic routines.
Aircraft from the Vietnam War era - Bird Dog, T28 Trojan, MD 500's and RNZAF Hueys - re-enact a typical offensive operation, and antics from The Royal Australian Air Force Caribou.

Lunchtime Entertainment

Model Aircraft Display by Frazer Briggs.
Part plane, part helicopter - the unusual gyrocopter.
Flypast by 1930's de Havilland's and two German Klemm 35 WWII trainers in Swedish Air Force markings.
Warhorse Display - Military Re-enactment.
Yurgis and his Juka vs a Formula 3000 Race Car.

Afternoon Programme 

Heart stopping manoeuveres by world champion aerobatic pilot Jurgis Kairys.
Royal New Zealand Air Force Display:  C130 Hercules, Kiwi Blue Parachute Team, Sea Sprite, Sioux and Iroquois helicopter pairs and the Red Checkers Formation Aerobatic Team.
Royal Australian Air Force Display: Swing Wing Wonder - the Royal Australian Air Force F-111 Bomber and Military Heavy Lifter - The RAAF's newly acquired C17 Globemaster.

Main Warbird Display 

Spitfire TR9 - This two seat Spitfire displays for the first time at Wanaka.
The RNZAF in the Pacific War: two P40 Kittyhawks, FG-1D Corsair and Catalina - and for the first time since the end of WW II - hear the sound of the P40's six x .50 inch machine guns in action.
A Pair of North American P51 Mustangs - Regarded by many as the greatest piston engined fighter built during WWII.
From the Russian Front. The Polikarpov I-16 & I-153, Hawker Hurricane, Yak 3 and the Lavochkin LA-9.
Jetabatics - Two Vampires and Two L39 Albatros perform close formation and aerobatic routines.
Airfield is Under Attack! - Fireballs light the sky from a sneak attack by enemy airborne troops and light bombers. Our defending fighters scramble to protect the airfield assisted by the local militia forces.
Massed Fighter Flypast - The fighter boys flypast to celebrate their "Victory" in the recent battle!